Tornado Twister repressive

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Tornado Twister repressive

tornado-twister-repressive is a violent windstorm characterized by cloud conical rotary and suppression of condensate and a cloud of dust and the rotor know tornadoes tornado.

الإعصار القمعي المعروف بالتورنادو


The reason for the naming of tornadoes

Source word in Spanish means “spins” including Turnada the word means “thunder” and “lightning storm”, and colloquially called the twister, and Tarabh some quarters as the tornado.

The place of occurrence

Occur in areas that are located on the mid-latitudes and the tropics between latitudes 15-45 north and south of the equator to the occurrence of this kind of hurricane named tornadoes tornado.



These rotating storms revolve around an area of low atmospheric pressure and speed between 20-60 miles / hour.

Tornado Youtube Video

Watch YouTube video of Hurricane Tornado largest in Saudi Arabia on a migration route.


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