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karaca Mağaras

Karaja Cave by Turkish karaca Mağaras Cave is carved naturally over millions of years, which is located in Turkey district claims Karaja.


karaca Mağaras
Karaja Cave


Cave Karaja district Karaja in gümüşhane province
Calcifications Dolomiti


Pass inside a cave Karaja
Pass inside a cave Karaja

reason of calling

Named after the name of the neighborhood located within the boundaries of the village and called Karaja, this is an emerging natural cave where Nqoucheth natural plaid is majestic feelings, could find raised at each point of the points.

Karaja Cave location

The cave is located South West of the Steering Karaja neighborhood and this neighborhood is located within the boundaries of a village called the name žabalj and this within Gomusckhanh City.


The cave rises about 1550 meters above sea level.

Karaja Cave
Forms wonderful cave of Karaja

You just get the feeling that the entry of the cave

When you log in to this cave of Karaja and see the inscriptions and the consistency of the cave lights overlapping one another and to see shapes and shadows Anakouchet which is unprecedented, will your graduation from your world to another world of fantasy world.

نقوشات طبيعية رائعه بمغارة قاراجا
Natural wonderful carvings

Its contents

Carvings and shapes and the art of Turkish Ibero naturally formed.

Originated cave

Layers were formed over millions of years of accumulation of calcifications dolomitic top of each other, discovered in 1960, and in 1990 the geological engineer Shukri Arz geoscientific lapses which led to gain a reputation and was officially opened in 1996.


ألوان مميزة للتكلسات
Distinctive colors of calcifications

The age of cave or Maghara

The water droplets falling on each other from which the ingenious-looking forms and lead to the appearance of cataclysms and stalagmite limestone, also arise columnist sinks, flowers and Pearls, this cave is still in a state of growing up and that all coming down and fortune length of 1 cm takes exactly 12 years and the expected life of the cave 15 million Year.

Space and height of the cave

The height of the entrance to Cave normal human length and increasing the height from deep inside the cave, the cave has a length of 150 meters, while the average height of 18 meters, the interior space of 1,500 square meters.


State of airspace inside the cave

The degree of Maghara temperature of 12-17 degrees Celsius, and humidity of 70%, and there is no ordinary dust or pollen, and is available in high-oxygen air space.


Access to the cave of or Karaja cave

From Trabzon to Gümüşhane as in the map or by Waypoint (40.555195, 39.416139)


خريطة مغارة قاراجا
Map for Karaja cave from Google


Video Karaja cave

watch and enjoy the scenes of Karaja cave mat only to channel Arab vision, or by clicking on the link to watch through your YouTube (I wish subscription channel with thanks).


رابط القناة



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