Uzungöl Turkish village

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Uzungöl wonderfulTurkish village

Uzungöl Turkish village (in English: Long Lake, in Arabic: البحيرة الطويلة Balturkah: uzungöl) Lake is located south of the city of Trabzon, within the village Çaykara from Trabzon province.

Learn about uzungöl

Uzungöl is a village on the lake shore. And over the years it has become a picturesque lake, surrounding buildings and has become a tourist attraction.

Lake uzungöl location

The lake is located 95 km from Trabzon city center, 19 km from the province Çaykara Center, where the Turkish government paved the lake until the corniche fantastic.

New name for uzungöl

This area deserves the name of a bride Turkish north (renamed Moataz Berry).

The level of the road and how to reach

It can be accessed through the flight to Trabzon and then go to it through the car, but for the level of the road to uzungöl they are safe, and expanding to two cars which has a single track.

Road uzungöl

uzungöl Road



uzungöl Road



Entrance to the village uzungöl

Location coordinates

If you would like to reach uzungöl can use these coordinates 40.619438, 40.293852 or  locv You can put Waypoint in Garmen or Google Maps devices via smartphones, but I would advise strongly to use devices Garmen maps up to date.

Map to reach uzungöl

Map to reach uzungöl


Of the lake surface elevation of about 1084 meters above sea level, where the altitude is suitable for the growth of the magnificent pine trees, and mountains that cover the surfaces with some other plants, has been used to appoint a special hour-rise.

High uzungöl

High uzungöl

Formation region

This region is most famous for its natural beauty which lies in the valley between high mountains where the surrounding greenery.




Tourist boom has attracted investors in recent years, who opened a number of hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops in the village. It has also been a significant improvement in transport infrastructure.

A uzungöl waterfalls

A uzungöl waterfalls

Lake uzungöl

Lake uzungöl

Video Village uzungöl

Video shows some wonderful scenes in the village uzungöl. 

The village uzungöl magnificent lake, and the beauty of waterfalls are breathtaking nature created by God Almighty Turkish state, we must Xiahh keep this region to remain always a wonderful nature.

Services available

The achievements of the Turkish government actively many investors to go to this area now where many of the hotels, restaurants and recreational games, and there are some hobbies, and sale centers, mosques.

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