Prague Charles Bridge

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Prague Charles Bridge


Her many titles such as Golden City mother of cities and the heart of Europe and know the city of Tower percent due to the large towers above the churches and palaces. Since the year 1992 have been included in the list of UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site.

The most important landmarks of the capital Prague

The important landmarks of the Charles Bridge that connects the two banks of Afattlava Almalastrana and connects the Old City and a length of 516 m and currently up to ten meters. Filtava connects the two sides of the river. It embarked on its construction in 1357 AD by order of King Charles IV. Work to build a bridge to the year 1400 continued. Initially it was called the bridge the bridge or the Stone Bridge in Prague in 1870 called the name of the Charles Bridge. Bridge the old town up in Prague Castle Prague.

Enjoy the gorgeous scenes of the Charles Bridge and watched the tourists various activities gatherings.

Enjoy the gorgeous scenes of the Charles Bridge brilliant tourists gatherings.

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