Marine Biology series of dangerous snakes

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Marine Biology series of dangerous snakes
There are a lot of sea snakes have discovered that there are more than 50 species.
ثعبان البحر
All of them, and these snakes are poisonous and toxic high as the name it has been more than a cobra snake venom from two to ten times. The seriousness of these snakes differ in terms of any size that a heavier volume increased danger to the diver Small snakes are considerably less dangerous.
These snakes are agile in the water and have the ability to swim on the surface of the sea, as well as dive into the depths.
And breathe the air they are stepping up to the surface from time to time to stretch her lungs until her tail, helping them to stay under water for long hours and is characterized by bright colors marine snakes are often found rings and lines around the body and tail, and the little ones is an amphibian. They do not attack unless attacked, and there are nine types of these snakes in the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.
The eel usually timid nor attacking the diver only if he felt scared or if they are left undisturbed and characterized by small size of her mouth and weak eyesight.
By Moataz Berry

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