Dangerous Marine Biology series Sting Ray

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Dangerous Marine Biology series Sting Ray
These Sting Ray features a thorn in the dorsal.

Usually fork and one in the base of the tail to be approx.

And know the fish biting rays, a group of fishes opinion, fall under the range of cartilaginous fish related shark. It consists of eight groups are:

Hexatrygonidae (Rai hexagonal gills) stingrays

Plesiobatidae (stingrays in the deep) water

Urolophidae (round stingrays)

Urotrygonidae (round stingrays (US))

Dasyatidae (stingrays)

Potamotrygonidae (Rai river stingrays)

Gymnuridae (bed-ray)

Myliobatidae (eagle ray) fish.

The taxonomic status of the fish rays as follows:

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Chondrichthyes
Subclass: Elasmobranchii
Order: Myliobatiformes
Suborder: Myliobatoidei
والاسم العلمي Scientific classification
Dasyatis pastinaca
The fork length of approximately 55.5 millimeters.
This is one of the injuries with a fork.


Does not attack Rai human Allasaa violently, but it is usually some stings occur in the case of traffic over the fish Rai unintentionally, and to avoid walking over the stingrays in shallow water, it should be gait dragging feet while fighting the water or, alternatively, can shed some stones in the water before the fight to scare stingrays and remove him or do fin surface to ensure free place to walk like this kind of fish.
Symptoms of infection:
Infection with a fork Algaytp it occurs to the diver some of the changes, a so-called symptoms, and these symptoms:
(A) pain in the site of infection.
(B) strikes fast and irregular heart.
(C) swelling in the injury site.
(D) a severe muscle strain.
(E) difficulty in breathing.
(F), vomiting or vomiting.
(G) the secretion of sweat unusual.

the cure
(A) wash the wound with fresh water.
(B) Development of the affected part in hot water temperature of 50 degrees Celsius for two hours or until the end of pain.
(C) If the affected part is not bleeding We try striping the site of infection and pressed to expel the contaminated blood (poisoned).
(D) give the patient an antibiotic (Antibiotic).
(E) give the patient serum Alttnos (Tetanus).
(F) the transfer of the patient to the nearest medical center.

By Moataz Berry

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