Marine Environment of the Red Sea

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Marine Environment

The marine environment of the Red Sea

The marine environment supplies many kinds of habitats that support marine life. Marine life depends in some way on the saltwater that is in the sea (the term marine comes from the Latin mare, meaning sea or ocean).

A habitat is an ecological or environmental area inhabited by one or more living species.

Pictures of Red Sea

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Marine habitats

Marine habitats can be divided into coastal and open ocean habitats. Coastal habitats are found in the area that extends from as far as the tide comes in on the shoreline out to the edge of the continental shelf. Most marine life is found in coastal habitats, even though the shelf area occupies only seven percent of the total ocean area. Open ocean habitats are found in the deep ocean beyond the edge of the continental shelf.

Marine habitats can be modified by their inhabitants. Some marine organisms, like corals, kelp, mangroves and sea grasses, are ecosystem engineers which reshape the marine environment to the point where they create further habitat for other organisms.

Video Marine Environment

The following video shows you the beauty of the marine environment.

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