Moringa tree

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Moringa tree

Moringa tree Moringa Peregrina her miracles and countless benefits, known by many names, including plant Yosr, frankincense, and the Arab Alban, the miracle tree Miracle tree.

Used as food complement, for diseases of malnutrition. Which contains a high content of vitamins, Vthtoa seven times the vitamin C found in oranges, four times the vitamin found in carrots, four times the calcium found in milk,

Taxonomic status to her:

Kingdom: Plants
Division: euphyllophytina
SAA: Albdhiraat
Sect: dicotyledon
Rank: brassicales Brassicales
Species: Albanian Moringaceae
Gender: Ban Moringa
The scientific name Moringa Peregrina

This documentary video about moringa plant and method of cultivation of preparing the photographer, director Motaz Barry.

There are many pictures that describes the Arab frankincense.

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