Rabbits sea in marine life

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Rabbits sea

Rabbits sea in marine life  type of marine creatures exotic, recently became a celebrity after he spread pictures on a large scale across social networking sites around the world, this cute aquatic rabbits  known scientifically as “Jorunna parva” small and no bigger than 2 cm.

Rabbits sea
Rabbits sea

Places of living

This type of marine mollusks living in the Indian Ocean seabed near the shores of Indonesia, Japan, play both ears the role of the nose as it senses the smells, and help him to make his way in the bottom of the ocean in search of food.

this small marine creatures classified as marine mollusks, and belong to a group and brutality of mollusks called slugs.


This marine rabbits first discovered the world of Japanese marine biologist famous (Kikutaro Baba) in 1938 off the coast of Japan, it has also been found in the Indian Ocean off the coast of the Philippines.

According to Dr. Craig, all factions of slugs is kind of a wimp, that is, they produce sperm and eggs together but fruitful process is not Anfrada even intermarriage.


Marine rabbits come in different colors such as yellow and the black spots, including white, and green, and there is some debate in the scientific community about whether the different colors represent different factions.

أرنب البحر
أرنب البحر


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